Wishes and Goals

Life is a long-term Goal. Wishes are waiting to be fulfilled, if you have guts to achieve. Have you ever thought, what can be goals in life !  Everybody’s wish is to succeed in life. Nobody would like to fail. Wishes can be converted to Goals. Do you read books or newspapers or magazines ! Have you decided what you want to become in life i.e. businessman or Salary earning employee. If you want to get salary, which job would you like to do.

Youth is age to decide all this. Make your Guru or Mentor; maybe Mother or Father or Teacher or Uncle or Aunt. Somebody who can guide you, motivate you and tell you about skills to be learned. As for example, If you can paint, You can be creative Marketing MBA, who can work in Advertising Agency and develop sound career.

So, think big, dream and develop your career as long term goal.

  Dr. Prakash M. Chawla (M:  9898277156)
  Associate Professor-MBA
  S. K. Patel Institute of Management and Computer Studies