Director's Message

India has witnessed two decades of reforms after 1991. Things have changed in majority of sectors of public and private interest. ‘Looking to the east’ becomes buzz word today. India gained significantly among South Asian countries and other peers. India has the world’s second largest diaspora with a substantive presence in all the six continents. Indian diaspora constitutes a significant economic, social and cultural force in the countries around the world. Spread across 110 countries, their enterprise, economic strength, education and professional skills are widely recognized. The bond which holds this vast and diverse overseas Indian community together with India is Indianness. Indian across the world sends US$27 billion in remittances back to India each year, the largest sum for any country.

Indians have made immense contribution to their State of origin through remittances, foreign direct investment (FDI), transfer of knowledge and entrepreneurial networks. The technology proliferation is immense and unprecedented. Consumerism and mall culture penetrated in all major cities of India. Further, FDI in retail for multi brand is going to create new tale in Indian business. Amidst, the run of liberalization, Privatization and Globalization inclusive growth is discussed by business leader and politicians.

The role of B-School has changed drastically in this transcendence. Corporate expectations have increased, in this immensely competitive posture, form B-School graduate. Diffusion of innovation process becomes shorter and consumer demand novelty more often. Apart, fiercely competitive market pose stern challenges for B-Schools graduate. At S K Patel Institute of Management and Computer Studies we believe in imparting blend of values for professionalism and moral science. Today’s youth is carrying great energy and technology exposure, we believe as a B-School we need to leverage the abilities of our graduates for betterment of society.

At B-school we have the students coming from diverse culture and varied background but we have tried to nurture our students in a way they carry good spirit and candor to serve any organization. We believe at your esteemed organization they will get a chance to prove their mettle in respective areas. Further, we have tried to create a platform where they can elicit creativity, commitment and cohesiveness in every possible area. Alma mater expects of every graduate leaving the portal of S K Patel Institute of Management and Computer Studies to put its name on the National and International maps with outstanding performance in the world of work.

Prof. Bhavin Pandya
S.K.Patel Institute of Management & Computer Studies (MBA)