Micro and Macro concepts are very important to manage our daily routine life. Taking that concept, we shall try and develop convention (Habits) of our life. As Guru Gaur Gopal Das said challenges are a integral part of our life for the development and growth.

There are three habits which we need to accept in our daily life, if we want to grow;

1. Good Habit – “We Should Try to Enhance Them”
2. Bad Habit – “Reduce And Minimize Them”
3. Neutral Habit – “Utilize Them”

Our physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being is based on these three habits respecting on “How we Perform?” and “How can we Improve?” which developing “SANKALPA” to ourselves. Habitually, it is very important to have mental stability to control our conditional and unconditional minset.

Start with small changes of your habits and slowly you will realize a massive transformation in yourself and convention (Habit) becoming part of your life.









Dr. Krupa Mehta